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5 Ways To Use PINK + A Quick How-To

Pink is my favorite color and it’s not just because I’m a Mary Kay girl at heart. It’s bright, fun and powerful! Here are my 5 favorite ways to add a little PINK to your day:

  1. Using pink eyeshadow is a fun alternative to a neutral eyeshadow look. I love how it makes my eyes look more blue and it’s super easy…check out the video.

  2. Pop on a pink lippie. I really feel that adding a little lip color instantly makes you look put together. It’s like a magic wand. POOF you look like you made an effort!! Go light or bright…that’s my go to…you do you friend!

  3. Pink cheeks!! Whether thats a pink highlighter like in my video or the perfect blush…adding a little pink to your cheeks brightens your face.

  4. Add pink in your decor…doesn’t have to be a lot but it totally adds interest and makes your space a happy one. My favorite way to add a little pink to my space is with a plant pot. I mean I love plants so that is kinda a no brained for me. You could also add in pink with a pillow, throw or towel.

  5. Pick something pink to wear. Today the gal at the Dunn Bros drive through was like, ”Oh hey…it’s you! Welcome back! I recognized you by your cute glasses.” I frequently wear my bright pink goodr sunglasses and it’s the perfect way to add pop of pink.

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