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Cat Eye Mascara Hack: When in doubt, wing it out!

Depending on how even our "wings" are on a given day, the cat-eye is either our favorite makeup look to wear... or the bane of our existence. (That last part may be a bit exaggerated, but fellow cat-eye lovers, you get it!) The look is a foolproof way to enhance your eyes, making them appear wider.

The cat-eye can trace its origins all the way back to ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians wore a cat-eye to ward off evil spirits.

There are just some days when you don’t want to hassle with precise eyeliner but still want the flirty and elongating look of a “cat eye!” Here’s an easy hack for creating a cat-eye without using liquid liner. I recommend Mary Kay’s Lash Love Fanorama mascara!! It’s one of my favs!!

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