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Be A Bronzed Beauty: Contouring With Self-Tanner

The purpose of self-tanner or subtle tanning lotion is just to make the skin look healthy by adding warmth...not trying to give yourself a fake tan. No Ross Gellars here haha and guess what, there’s another way to use self-tanner...AS CONTOUR (aka “tantouring.”) It actually works and it lasts for days. Applying tanner to your face can be a little intimidating because, well, it's your face. But if you keep the product concentrated right below your cheekbones, under your jawline, and on the sides of your forehand you'll create a subtly contoured effect that won't look like you just slapped a bunch of tanner on. One thing to remember is to blend baby blend!! The key to looking natural is to blend in small circles with your fingertips or use a flat brush to avoid streaks and harsh lines. The ultimate goal is for it to fade from one area to another so you really can say “I woke up like this!"

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