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Beauty and the beach: Elevate your swim look.

The essential summer item. But how you wear it doesn't have to be so simple. Summer fashion is upon us and for some, it is a time to strip accessories back and revel in the simplicity of a bikini, SPF, and the sun while others consider one-pieces and bikinis to be the perfect canvas for layering fashion and jewelry. Invest in a swimsuit that you feel good in and then don't be afraid to add some fun with accessories like my personal favorite...the sun hat. I feel like you can always add a summer hat to every summer look. Theres a shape and size for everyone and they do more than just look chic, they provide another layer of protection from the sun. Here are a few combos that are super trendy.

  • Make a sweet floral-print bikini a bit more glamorous spin by layering on gold necklaces at varying lengths...I love coin pendants, charm necklaces, and chains. It screams burried treasure.

  • For the minimalist, team together a nude swimsuit with a printed scraf and some big sunnies.

  • High-waist bikinis are a fashion-fav and make a girl feel super confident. Have fun with the different prints you can find.

  • Leopard-print bikinis are a huge hit this season, pair with delicate gold pieces like earrings and a couple of necklaces.

  • One of the easiest ways to make a statement with your swimwear is by choosing a colorful lace-up one-piece. To make it more elegant, add in a few gold bracelets and finish the look with a delicate kimono coverup.

  • A metallic material is born glamorous. Stay with the aesthetic by adding in an oversize pair of chain link earrings and a wide-brim hat.

  • Floral-print swimwear is major this season and super feminine.

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