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Mermaids have more fun: Get perfect beach waves.

The beach wave is the quintessential summertime hairstyle but, seriously perfect year-round. It’s described as “easy” or “low-key” but in my experience achieving that “effortless beachy vibe” is kiiinda the opposite. Don’t fret! Beach waves are actually possible to achieve with a few tips and tricks (and, um, a little patience.) I’ve searched far and wide to round up the best techniques for different hair types and lengths. Even if you categorize yourself as “extreme beginner” on the hair skills scale, I’ve got you! My favorite way to create beachy waves is by using a hair crimper. I find it to be the easiest for my medium and shorter length hair. Crimping tips in this video but here are a couple other ways to rock the "beach hair, don't care" style.

No tools, no problem...part your hair down the middle and put each half in a french braid the night before. I like to do it after freshly washed hair while its still wet. I rock the braids for the day then have a totally hassle free wavy look for days later. After you take out the braids, flip into a deep side part and scrunch the ends. I find this method is best for medium to long hair.

Curling wand is a nice option for all hair lengths. Prep your hair with styling spray or heat protectant. Start curling your hair in the back and work forward. Wrap one-inch sections around the wand AWAY from your face and leave the ends out. Once you’re finished with your whole head, find about five pieces and then curl them in the OPPOSITE direction than you did the first time. Finish with sea salt spray or texturizing favorite it the texture spray from Avada. For shorter hair use a smaller barrel, one-inch curling iron.

For my long haired beauties...put all your hair up into a super high ponytail. Then pull it up as close to your hairline as possible and put in a hair tie. Curl one-inch sections of your ponytail, leaving two inches uncurled at the bottom. Once the entire ponytail is curled, remove the hair tie and use your fingers to separate the curls. Again finish with sea salt spray or texture spray.

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