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No makeup: Cause who has more than 5 minutes to get ready in the summer!

These are my best tips for a five-minute summer makeup look:

1. Less is definitely more. Avoid thick heavy foundations. Instead, choose a tinted moisturizer or CC cream and only apply where needed. I stick to my cheeks forehead and nose.

2. Use waterproof products. Raccoons are not wanted here. Hit the beach or pool with confidence by using a waterproof mascara.

3. Highlight. Nothing says summer like a dewy J-Lo highlight situation. Highlight areas that the sun naturally hit. Think outside the box…could you use a little highlight powder on your eyes too?? And keep it simple sweetie.

4. Don’t forget your lips. Regardless if you have no makeup on or a full face…a little lip color goes a long ways. It instantly makes you look put together.

5. Use blotting paper. Control unwanted shine by keeping blotting paper in your purse. They are a lifesaver, trust me.

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